A Crisp, Clear Morning

BarrelThere is nothing like the smell of delicious coffee on a cold, crisp, frost infused morning.  I have been waiting…and waiting…and waiting for weeks for this very morning and finally it is here!  I can hardly contain my glee as I watch the sun slowly melt the sugar dusting off the roof of the neighbor’s house across the street.  Coffee not only smells better on a cold morning, it also tastes better, looks better in the mug, and feels better nestled in my greedy hand.  I think that I could sit at my window all day just watching the patterns of shade, sun and frost change ever so slightly in a slow motion dance as the world around me warms up and shakes off its little taste of winter slumber.  As much as I want to continue reveling in this appealing incantation, the droplets of ice have already melted off the little trees outside, faster than I can type this story, and the still-green leaves have perked again toward the sun.  The grass is shiny and emerald, no longer covered with a glittering diamond blanket.  Nature outside my window is telling me that it is not time for winter, that I still have time, and I need to stay busy preparing for the cold months ahead.  But I will be looking forward to more mornings like this when I can pause for a few moments and enjoy the message carried on the chilly breeze “winter is coming”!

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