Calling All October Babies

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Hey all you October babies out there!  This is your month to celebrate, and I fully expect you to party!  Whether you have already had a birthday or are still anticipating your special moment, there is no reason why there can’t be weekend revelries!  October is quite possibly the best month to have a birthday.   Besides being the most gorgeous turning point between autumn and winter, the beloved harbinger of Oktoberfest and Halloween, October is also the month of:

Health Literacy, Domestic Violence Awareness, Celiac Sprue Awareness, Breast Cancer Awareness, Dental Hygiene, Down Syndrome Awareness, Infertility Awareness, SIDS Awareness, Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness, Dwarfism Awareness, among many others.

German, Polish, Italian, Filipino and Hispanic History in the United States.  October is a good time to educate yourself through awareness and also to celebrate our country’s cultural melting pot!

Stamp Collecting, Clergy Appreciation, Fair Trade Awareness, Auto Battery Safety Observance, Physical Therapy Appreciation, Archeology Appreciation, and National Squirrel Awareness (I did not make this up but thank goodness someone finally brought national attention to squirrels because they really need the spotlight).  So bust out your old stamp collections, get your car batteries checked, and party your bums off, luscious Libras and sassy Scorpios!  Just watch out for those nutty squirrels…

October is also Pizza, Popcorn, Cheese and Sausage making month.  Do you need another reason to have a party in your honor?  All these foods go together beautifully!

Here’s a fun fact: October 5th is the most common birthday in the United States.  My lovely mother was born on this day.  The theory behind this phenomenon is that if you count back a full term pregnancy from the 5th of October you arrive at…New Year’s Eve.  Kind of makes sense when you think about it.  So if you are still feeling unsure whether or not you need a reason to party this weekend, I will leave you with this thought.  Your birthday (and birth month) only comes around once a year, and you deserve to make some memories.


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