World Traveler

Me Playing Mandolin

Happy trails to you, wherever you may go!

An unexpected perk of having a blog on WordPress is the feeling of excitement from seeing different countries highlighted on the status page when a viewer outside the U.S. has been reading my posts.  As a soldier I  claimed bragging rights as a world traveler because my flights to and from the Middle East landed for layovers in places such as Scotland (go Ross Clan!), Ireland (yum, Guinness), and Germany (Guten tag, chocolate!).  That counts as “visiting” right?  Anyway, now my blog is doing the traveling for me and I can happily add Canada (although I was there for Spring Break once — long story), Italy (thanks to a high school friend who is having a blast there now), and Japan (my current dream PCS destination)!  Who knows where this writing will take me tomorrow…

Thanks for reading,

— G

Later that day: add Poland to the list!  Dziekuje!

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