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My Apologies

So last night I wrote a post about my battle with migraines during the month of March.  I don’t know what is going on, but my photos are either MIA or they simply look terrible — and not just because they are dorky selfies and awkward candid photos of my dog!

I noticed that WordPress changed the image editing application in my Media Widget.  Well, change it back!  It is now completely user un-friendly and un-functional.  For example, instead of being able to manipulate photos the way I used to in the Advanced Settings while blogging, I now have these options:



Seriously? What is this size good for?



Not much better, but somewhat practical.


Full Size

Full Size

This is okay, but couldn’t there be something in between Medium and Full Size? I realize that we are Americans here, and we don’t really recognize the concept, but still…

Now this is based on the original size of your images, which you CAN manipulate in the Media Library, but you CANNOT once you are attempting to insert into the post.  So I will admit that WordPress is clear on how and when to properly edit photos.  My problem is that my image editor is at this time mostly non-functioning unless I am simply inserting already prepared, unaltered photos, such as the apple above, into a blog.  Not very user friendly!



A Medium based off my original photo dimensions. Still a bit large, but it will work for now.

I liked the older version because I could determine how a photo would best fit into the post while writing — a better system for me.  It was even worse yesterday when I was trying to make my silly selfies fit, because there were two other sizes available: Small and Large.  All the sizes were so unreasonable yesterday, and judging by the slightly more realistic sizes offered today, I am guessing WordPress received a multitude of complaints from irate bloggers like myself.


This does NOT solve my problem!  I need to manipulate my photos while writing, so all I can do at this time is apologize for how terrible my last post looks.  I may take it down and attempt to repair it because at least two photos are already “gone” due to errors caused by the image editor.  Sorry folks, but I hold my posts to a high standard (at least when it comes to appearance) and if my posts look shitty, it isn’t for lack of my effort.

Please visit again soon; hopefully my technical hiccups will have been cured!  Thanks,

— G

P.S.  On my food blog I discovered that (depending on the original size of my photos) I may have the Large option available in my image editor.  Then again, I may only have the choice between Thumbnail and Full Size, again depending on the original size.  Obviously this feature will now require intensive amounts of time in order to produce images that are satisfactory for blog posts.


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