Spammers Are So Nice

I am really getting tired of the spam comments that pop up every day…anyone else have this problem? I have been blogging for almost 60 days now and I have already received 60 spam comments! I wish I had that many acceptable comments to brag about! Some of the spammers are very polite. They “support” me, find my writing “spectacular” and will “tell all their friends to check out my site ASAP!” Awww…so sweet. Then I do a little research with the help of Akismet (got to love it) and discover my new “followers” are selling Canadian goose down jackets just in time for Christmas, or knock-off designer perfumes with bizarre names.  Or by far the worst yet, Japanese porn movies, quite graphic and in colorful frame by frame to remove all confusion about the purpose of the site.  So how do I handle these spammers? I count their nice comments as a personal win and then I send them to the trash bin.  Sift out the good vibes when you can.  Life is too short to get bent out of shape.



No Spam here!

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